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Premium packaging development & production

Fitbit represents the fast paced technology innovators in Silicon Valley, to whom we demonstrated that we ourselves are a fast paced packaging partner who also retain the quality packaging for our customers. We work with Fitbit start on the development stage to source the right materials at the right cost in China, including but not limit to label, hang tag, user guide, plastic….etc. We acquired all materials in-house and assembled them together to have the finished packages delivered to their contract manufactures; this helped save our customer the kitting cost and maintained the quality of the finished packages. We must ensure that the production is delivered on time, with our local support on the daily sampling process and provide our production feedback promptly to deliver the project through development and production cycle efficiently.

-Packaging Structural Design
-Quick Turnaround Prototype
-Design Validation with ISTA test
-Material Sourcing
-Production with VMI service
-Packaging & Kitting