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Red Envelope

E-Commerce Gift Packaging Experience

Red Envelope is one of the most popular gifting e-commerce in the United States. They originally had 300+ Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) with 100+ various packaging materials in their fulfillment center, which cost them money to manage various materials, as the original quality of the packages just did not match their quality brand. We helped them develop a packaging system with merely 10 types of boxes plus inserts to hold all 300+ assorted items. Red Envelope also wants to be sure their end-customers will receive the red gift box and feel the quality; we selected the quality printed paper with anti-scratch coating to prevent the fingermark while in fulfillment & shipping.

-Multi SKUs Packaging System
-Branded E-Commerce Packaging
-Special Packaging Varnish
-Assembling & Kitting Analysis
-Palletization and Containerization
-International Logistic