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Fine Turned Edge Rigid Box

A rigid (also called “set-up”) box is a box style that is thicker than a common folding carton and is considered to be a high-end quality packaging product. Rigid boxes have been successfully used in jewelry boxes, cosmetic packaging and for technology products.

Many manufacturers in the industry produce rigid boxes, but most of them have quality limitations on the rigid boxes they can produce. One common limitation is that the box does not have perfectly sharp edges. The reason is that most manufacturers are set up for high- speed production with automatic equipment, which cause dull edges on the boxes.

We have customers that require sharp edged rigid boxes like the iPhone box because they need the succinct feel of the package to better represent their brand. The clean lines of a well-made rigid box represent a high-end product. To mass-produce sharp edged rigid boxes requires specialized equipment and assembling processes. Zenpack factories have early adopted automatic equipment and optimized processes to be more cost-efficient.

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